Benedict Negotiating Seminars, Inc. – Sales

What specific seminars does BNS offer?

No matter where in the world BNS' negotiating seminars are presented, the goal is still the same as it was in Robert Benedict's first session in 1984 – "A minimum of theory and a maximum of readily useable skills." Our focus continues to be on participants achieving identifiable, measurable results.

Negotiating Profitable Sales is our flagship course and has been the seminar of choice for sales and marketing professionals around the world. 

Customized to each company's particular needs, the seminar provides a wide variety of highly effective, practical and readily useable negotiating skills.


How to Strategically Prepare for Any Negotiation is a fast-paced, highly interactive course using a systematic, 3-phased approach to prepare for any negotiation. In addition to demonstrating how salespeople should prepare, time is also spent revealing how buyers prepare and approach a negotiation as well.


Why do companies choose BNS to implement their negotiations training?

In short, RESULTS! The majority of BNS' seminars are repeat business from clients who have experienced identifiable, measurable results from the negotiations training. Using BNS' evaluation tools, they are able to follow up the seminars at 30, 90 and 180 days to track how the skills are being utilized by course participants.

While training results cannot be measured on a quantitative basis, it can be measured on a qualitative basis – and the BNS follow-up systems show a company how to do it.

Specifically, why are the participants in the BNS seminars experiencing results

The negotiating seminars provide a minimum of theory and a maximum of practical, readily useable skills. In addition, the amount of skill building (role-playing) in the class enables participants not only to hear about the time-tested skills, but to acquire them. Finally, seminar attendees understand the follow-up process will be measuring their use of the seminar skills.

Can the BNS seminars create a new negotiating "culture" at a company?

Absolutely. Many client companies utilize the systematic BNS approach to preparation and planning (Planning Grid, Preparation Worksheet and Rehearsal) as well as the systematic BNS approach to beginning and conducting the negotiation across business units and globally.

Managers require negotiators to submit a Planning Grid and Negotiations Worksheet (for major negotiations). The resulting discussion creates a clear definition of success, understanding of the strategies and sends a strong message to negotiators as to the value and effectiveness of the process.

Does BNS customize the seminar materials to the needs of the client?

Yes. While some companies prefer a more generic format, other companies want the role-plays, case studies and trainer examples to reflect their specific situations. Our BNS trainers spend significant time previous to the seminar working with client companies on this customizing process.